Use data rather than intuition to design game features that drive increased retention, monetization and engagement

Improve In-game stores

Increase IAP revenue by improving store layouts, optimizing prices, and driving more traffic

Optimize Ad Placements

Use experimentation to improve ad placements for higher CTR with minimal impact on player experience

Personalize In-app Purchases

Use AI to display personalized products that are more likely to be bought by your players

Avoid Bad Releases

Use A/B testing to prevent releasing features that negatively affect your KPIs 

Improve FTUE

Use experimentation to improve first-time user experience for higher retention

Personalize Push Notifications

Use AI models to personalize your push notifications for higher engagement



We enable you to build better games by using player data to identify bottlenecks  that lead to lower KPIs, formulating hypotheses to fix these bottlenecks, and using A/B tests to validate those hypotheses. 

Artificial Intelligence

We build custom and easy-to-use AI solutions that use your player data to understand user behavior and personalize player experience for high retention and monetization.

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