Use data rather than intuition to build game features that drive increased retention, monetization and engagement

Our experimentation platform enables you to build better games through rapid, data-driven iteration

Build Better Games

Measure the success of your game features after release and optimize their experience through rapid, data-driven iteration

Grow KPIs

Embrace a metrics-driven approach to game design to ensure excellent engagement, retention and monetization

Rapid Prototyping

A/B test game features quicker than ever using our WYSIWYG experience in Unity. Game designers can now run experiments on their own, drastically increasing iteration speed

Grow KPIs

Embrace a metrics-driven approach to game design to ensure excellent engagement, retention and monetization

Rapid Prototyping

Using our WYSIWYG editor in Unity, game designers can now run A/B tests on their own, drastically increasing iteration speed


How it works

Create Variations

Using our Unity SDK, you can implement different variations of your game with ease. You can make subtle changes to your call-to-action buttons, video placements, game objects, or you can introduce a completely new feature. We provide many Unity components to make this process effortless.

Start Optimising

Once you have the variations, we will distribute them amongst your users, collect data and recommend the variation that drives the most retention, engagement and monetization. You can get your first A/B test up and running within an hour!



Track And Optimize

Our platform enables you to track and optimize any metric, allowing you to provide superior gameplay experience, improve monetization, and avoid unexpected drops in any metric. Just add a simple logging statement and all your experiments will automatically pick it up and report their variation.

Segment Analysis

You can divide your audience into segments and view the impact of your experiments on each segment. At first sight, it might look like variation B is not statistically significant from variation A. But in reality, variation B performs exceedingly better for a younger audience segment and worse for an older audience. With this information, you can now personalize your game and provide a better user experience. 

Multiple Environments

Environments allow you to organize your project into sections that correspond to your development environment. This enables you to perform manual and automated tests on different environments, giving you better stability and reliability.

Unity Integration

We provide a Unity SDK that will help you effortlessly integrate with our platform. We provide a WYSIWYG experience so that game designers can implement variations on their own, drastically increase iteration speed. We also provide an API for more complex variations.




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